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Rotenburger Rundschau am 28.11.2007
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Der BurgSpiegel / Der Genthiner am 23.12.2007
Walsroder Zeitung, Oktober 2008
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Oelfkenhof: Back in time
Ancestry research: We're looking for informations and photos / German farmer dynasty on the internet
What has life been like at the farmyards "Oelfkenhof" in Oerbke, "Leitzmannshof" and "Freerks Hof" in Vierde, the farmyard Obergrunhagen or at the "Brammerhof" in Küddelse? In order to find answers on this question, descendents from the Oelfke dynasty have founded a Wiki-community on the net which currently includes over 800 sites.

Walsrode. Reported is the history of the farmer dystany as well as the history of the Heidmark. Previous to the construction of military training area Bergen-Belsen, the Heidmark has been reckoned as the most beautiful spot within the Lüneburger Heide in Lower-Saxony, Germany. Anyway, there's still lack of important links to generations. Where is the ancestor of the Oelfkes from Soltau to be found? Surprising, how many Oelfkes are living in the USA, especially in Minnesota. Pleasantly, another descendent of Oelfke from the United States got in touch while researching for his "familiy farm". Now the 8th cousins are sharing photos per e-mail that highly enrich the internet community. Flash point for the ancestry research was the fact that Hannelore Oelfke came back home to her patrimony - the "Leitzmannshof" - after nearly four decades had passed. On the initiative of Hartmut Oelfke (Hanover) and his sister Julia Oelfke (Steimbke), whose father Herbert was born at the "Leitzmannshof" in Vierde, the "Wiki" started. Herbert Oelfke has paved the way to the ancestry research decades ago. The Research has also inspired Irmtraut Ossowski whose mother Margreta Hasselhoff, born Oelfke, was also born at the "Leitzmannshof". Since midyear 2007 photos and and informations are collected and linked. Still in demand are informations and photos of the Oelfkes which descend from "Oelfkenhof" and from the farmyard in Obergrunhagen. Those who want to help are invited to e-mail to and/or to join the Wikia-community that can be found under on the internet.
Walsroder Zeitung, Oktober 2008

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